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About Alexander

Alex is bilingual in English and Spanish, a Cuban native. He has 13 years of experience in the fitness field. He is also a professional dance choreographer, model, singer, and athlete.

His years of experience in different training styles allows his training to cater towards your personal goals. Whatever personal goals you are looking to achieve whether it’s leaning out or toning with sculpted features, Alex is the right guy for you! He welcomes all types of training and enjoys sharing his years of knowledge learned alongside body building athletes and personal experience. HIIT trainings are offered in group or single sessions, to enjoy fat loss while gaining muscle and keeping a small tight waist.

Alex prides himself in educating his clients, so that they understand the importance of what each workout is accomplishing for the mind and body. He has an understanding in different eating styles for specific goals. While also having a passion for nutrition, he provides a holistic knowledge approach where may be fitting in things!

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