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Trent has a background in a variety of sports including: football, wrestling, track and field, bodybuilding, and currently competes as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. He is certified as an Elite Trainer through ISSA and is certified as a personal trainer, transformation specialist, and nutritionist. In trying to improve himself for his sports over the years, Trent has experience with and has used a large variety of different training modalities, learning the benefits and potential drawbacks of the varying methods of achieving fitness and improving performance. Through his own fitness journey and the journeys of his clients, Trent has learned how to effectively scale his training methods to accommodate fitness novices and advanced trainees alike. Whether you are stepping foot in the gym for the first time or are an experienced gym rat, Trent is confident that he can take your fitness levels and performance to the next level.

Trent believes in empowering his clients with knowledge and confidence during every workout. His ultimate goal is for his clients to gain enough self-esteem and self-efficacy that they eventually have the confidence and wisdom to continue their fitness journey without the need for a trainer. Every fitness journey has a different starting point and desired destination, and Trent believes strongly that through his experience and expertise that your fitness journey will progress faster towards that destination than you have ever experienced, if you follow his teachings and training programs.

If you have found yourself stuck in a fitness plateau/rut, he can help you hop back on the path to positive progress. If you’re an athlete looking to improve your speed, strength, flexibility, and/or conditioning, he can help take those attributes to new heights. Even if it is your very first time stepping foot into a gym, he can help guide you on the right path for YOUR specific fitness journey.

Time is a limited resource, and it can be potentially wasted trying to learn through personal trials and tribulations while experimenting with a variety of diets and exercise. Having the right coach/trainer can drastically cut down your time spent learning and grinding to achieve a desired goal, and it can also help you to hurdle many potential roadblocks you may encounter along the way, for example by avoiding injuries and understanding proper recovery.  Let Trent be the catalyst in fast tracking your fitness progress today!

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